Virtual Fall Conference Series

Saturday, October 16, 2021

October 16, 2021
8:00am - 8:15am

Welcome & Introductions

Speaker: Mujahid Rizvi, MD, MPH, FACP-Hematology Oncology Associates PC, Medford OR OSMO President

October 16, 2021
8:15am - 9:00am

Making Sense of All the Treatment Options for AML

Speaker: Elie Traer, M.D., Ph.D.

In the past 4 years, 9 new drugs have been FDA-approved for AML! Treatment has become significantly more complicated than just 7+3 or hypomethylating agent. The aim of this talk will be to understand genetic testing in AML, when to use new drugs, how to manage aza + ven, sequencing of therapy, and important side effects to be aware of.

October 16, 2021
9:00am - 9:45am

The Now & Future of Oncology Payment Reform: Medicare Policy, 340B & More

Speaker: Ted Okon, MBA Executive Director, Community Oncology Alliance

October 16, 2021
9:45am - 10:45am

Clinical Application of Gene Editing- Can CRISPR Cure Cancer?

Speaker: Eric Jonasch, MD

The ability to edit the genome was recently revolutionized by the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system in bacteria. The translation of this technology into laboratory, human cell-line based applications was rapid, and clinical applications are being considered. This talk will summarize the technology, current use, future opportunities, and challenges facing the field of gene editing.

October 16, 2021
10:45am - 12:00pm

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Speakers - October 16, 2021

Mujahid Rizvi, MD, MPH, FACP

Hematology Oncology Associates PC, Medford OR OSMO President

Elie Traer, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Traer is an associate professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). He received his M.D./Ph.D. from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, followed by residency in internal medicine and fellowship in hematology/oncology at OHSU. Dr. Traer’s clinical focus is on myeloid malignancies at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, and he is involved in numerous clinical trials evaluating targeted therapy in leukemia patients. As a physician scientist, he studies how the bone marrow microenvironment provides sanctuary to leukemia cells through critical survival signals, which eventually leads to disease resistance and relapse

Ted Okon, MBA

Executive Director, Community Oncology Alliance

Eric Jonasch, MD

Eric Jonasch, MD is Professor in the Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Center at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. He held his clinical residency in internal medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada, his clinical fellowship in hematology/oncology at the New England Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, and his research fellowship at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. He was on faculty at the Massachusetts General Hospital for three years before moving to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Dr. Jonasch is director of the VHL Clinical Center at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, co-Director of the MD Anderson Kidney Cancer Research Program, and is involved in tissue-based translational research in renal cell carcinoma and VHL disease.  He heads a number of investigator-initiated clinical trials and is PI of the Department of Defense Kidney Cancer Research Consortium. Dr. Jonasch is in charge on an ongoing laboratory research effort evaluating the determinants of response and resistance to therapy in renal cell carcinoma and VHL disease.   Dr. Jonasch’s current work focuses on understanding the drivers of renal cell carcinoma tumor ontogeny, and the development of informative models of tumor-microenvironmental interaction.

Dr. Jonasch is author or co-author of over 220 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, numerous book chapters, and editor of a textbook: Kidney Cancer, Principles and Practice. Dr. Jonasch is a journal reviewer for the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Cancer Research.

Dr. Jonasch is a member of multiple professional organizations, including, but not limited to the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Association of Cancer Research. Dr. Jonasch serves as Vice-Chair of the NCCN Kidney Cancer Guideline Panel and is a Board member of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition.

Moderator for the Conference

Jennie Crews, MD

Moderator on June 25, 2020

Blair Irwin, MD

Moderator on july 2, 2020

Blair Irwin, MD

Moderator on july 2, 2020