Virtual Spring Conference Series

Thursday, May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021
5:00pm - 6:00pm

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Please visit the virtual exhibit hall at any time beginning today through Monday May 24th. We have over 35 exhibitors with lots of valuable resources and contact information for each company.

May 13, 2021
6:00pm - 6:15pm

Welcome & Introductions

David Hufnagel, DO Williamite Valley Cancer Institute, President, OSMO

May 13, 2021
6:15pm - 7:00pm

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Cancer and COVID-19

Gary H Lyman, MD, MPH (Biostatistics), FASCO, FACP, FRCP

May 13, 2021
7:00 - 7:45pm

Metaphorical Masks: Simple Steps to Stay Out of Trouble

There are little, easy steps you can take that lower the risk that you find yourself facing an investigation or lawsuit. Some of the tips are well-known, but many aren’t as obvious. (Do you know how your staff handle the mail??) This session will offer tips on how you can lower the odds of a malpractice suit, false claims act case, or even an allegation of sexual harassment.

Speakers - May 13, 2021

David Hufnagel

DO Williamite Valley Cancer Institute, President, OSMO

Gary H Lyman, MD, MPH (Biostatistics), FASCO, FACP, FRCP

Dr Lyman is Professor of Public Health Science and Clinical Research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where he is also Senior Lead of Healthcare Quality and Policy at the Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research. He also is Professor of Medicine, Public Health and Pharmacy at the University of Washington and Adjunct Professor at the Duke University School of Medicine.

Dr Lyman is board certified in Medical Oncology and Hematology with a strong background in biostatistics and clinical research methodology. He is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in comparative effectiveness and outcomes research, the evaluation and management of cancer treatment-related complications, the conduct of formal systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and the application of mathematical and statistical models to enhance the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new diagnostic, therapeutic and supportive care modalities.

He is active with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) having served on the Board of Directors and chairing the Database Research Oversight and Biosimilars Working Groups and several ASCO clinical practice guidelines. He chairs the Discovery Research and Publications Committee for the ASCO Big Data program (CancerLinQ). He also serves on clinical practice guidelines for the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC).

Dr Lyman is an Executive Officer for the SWOG Cancer Research Network with responsibility for Immunotherapy, Cancer Care Delivery and Symptom Management and QOL studies through SWOG and the NCORP. He is supporting SWOG’s involvement in the NCI ComboMATCH and SWOG’s leading effort in the forthcoming NCI ImmunoMatch trial along with related efforts on immune-related adverse events both within SWOG and the larger NCTN.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research. Dr Lyman has served as Editor-In-Chief of Cancer Investigation and has personally published more than 600 articles in the medical literature with nearly 70,000 citations. He is listed by Web of Science among the top 0.1% of cited investigators and has also authored/edited more than 20 medical texts and over 70 book chapters. Currently Dr Lyman is a founding member of COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium represents the largest global registry of patients with cancer and confirmed COVID-19.

David Glaser JD-Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

David helps clinics, hospitals, and other health care entities negotiate the maze of health care regulations, providing advice about strategy, reimbursement, and compliance.

David’s goal is to explain the government’s enforcement position, and to analyze whether this position is supported by the law or represents government overreaching.

David is a permanent guest on RAC Monitor’s “Monitor Mondays,” He has given speeches in 36 states.

Moderator for the Conference

Jennie Crews, MD

Moderator on June 25, 2020

Blair Irwin, MD

Moderator on july 2, 2020

Blair Irwin, MD

Moderator on july 2, 2020